Regenerative Medicine Market to Hit $53 billion by 2021 – How Will the Trump Administration Affect its Growth?

Leading market analysts at Kelly Scientific indicate that the current regenerative medicine market is worth $18.9 billion globally, and will hit over $53 billion by 2021.

Managing Director, Deirdre Kelly PhD announced, ‘the stem cell and tissue engineering sectors are currently driving this market at a strong CAGR of 23.3% over the next five years, and the space is packed with over 700 companies and 500 products to date.’ Kelly Scientific’s comprehensive analysis describes the evolution of such a huge market in its latest offering, ‘Global Regenerative Medicine Market Analysis & Forecast to 2021; Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, BioBanking & CAR-T Industries’.

This is a 680 page industry report that is supported by over 350 tables and figures and has tracked the market over the last decade. Financial forecasts to 2021 are included with respect to:

• Global regenerative medicine market, global breakdown, application breakdown and leading market players
• Global stem cell industry market by geography and indication
• Global tissue engineering market by geography and indication
• Global Biobanking market sector analysis and breakdown

According to Kelly ‘due to the dominance of the bone and joint reconstruction market, the US currently has the biggest space, followed by Europe. However, due to recent positive legislation in Japan and Europe, the stem cell arena will grow more substantially in these regions over the next five years. By 2021, it is possible that Europe will surpass the US market with respect to stem cell applications, and this will become more likely if the Trump Administration restricts legislation and funding’.

The regenerative medicine market has massive scope and can be applied to a wide range of diseases and indications including neurological, autoimmune, cardiovascular, diabetes, musculoskeletal, ocular, orthopedic and wound healing. To that end, the expanse of market opportunities is large as are the patient populations globally. Kelly indicates that ‘this study has extensively profiled all major players in the market, analyzed their financials, pipeline products and business strategy going forward. It is the most comprehensive analysis on the market, and stakeholders wanting to gain a significant insight would greatly benefit from this information’.

Interestingly, the report also takes a detailed look at the CAR-T industry and its impact on the healthcare space. The CAR-T industry is addressing unmet needs in specific relapsed cancers, however does early clinical trial data support a blockbuster status for this upcoming therapy? The report also addresses the following key points:
• Challenges Relating to Cell therapy and Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells in Immunotherapy
• Key Regulatory and Manufacturing Challenges Associated with CAR-T Development
• Autologous Cell Therapy Manufacture Scale Up
• Supply Chain Logistics, Pricing & Cost Analysis
• CAR T Therapy Market Evaluation

Key stakeholder questions are answered in this 680 page analysis including:

• What disruptive technology is advancing the overall regenerative medicine market?
• What are the major company players in the regenerative medicine, stem cells, tissue engineering and CAR-T industries?
• What types of clinical trials are currently being performed by stakeholders and major players?
• What are the global access challenges of the regenerative medicine market?
• What is the space like in Japan, China, South Korea, USA and Europe?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of the allogenic and autologous stem cell industry?
• What are the main restraints of the regenerative medicine industry as a whole?
• What is the current environment of the global cord blood bank industry?
• What are the global access challenges of the regenerative medicine market?
• What is the space like in Japan, China, South Korea, USA and Europe?
• Why do stem cell clinical trials fail?
• What is the future of stem cell trials?
• What manufacturing strategies can be used for stem cell products?

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