Meet Deirdre at MAP 2015 Molecular Analysis for Personalised Therapy

The first Molecular Analysis for Personalised therapy (MAP) meeting will be held in Paris, Oct 23/24 2015 and is organised by UNICANCER, ESMO and Cancer Research UK.

I’m looking forward to hearing expert opinions on the clinical interpretation of molecular tests for metastatic cancers and specifically the following talks:

Beyond driver identification: what can we expect from molecular analyses?

Clinical implications of intratumour heterogeneity Charles Swanton (London, UK)
Clonal evolution and resistance to targeted therapy: illustration with ESR1 mutations Sarat Chandarlapaty (New York, US)
Can DNA repair dysfunctionalities lead to genomic scars and how to identify them? Andrew Biankin (Glasgow, UK)
How can sequencing predict efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors? Sergio Quezada(London, UK)
Protein-based assay: how to position them in personalised medicine trials? Leanne de Koning (Paris, France)
How to define a targetable gene amplification? Carlos Caldas (Cambridge, UK)
The conference has an exciting line-up and full details of cutting edge work will be available in our newest edition of the Personalized Medicine Report.


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