Interview With The Expert: Jennifer Rock on the Aesthetics Industry

Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with Jennifer Rock, aka the skin nerd on all things cutting-edge in the medical aesthetic industry. Jennifer has lectured throughout the UK, the USA, Ireland and Mainland Europe, alongside many surgeons, dentists and experts in their own respective field. Her insights into what the cosmetic end user really wants gives us an indication on future trends in this vertically growing market.

What main procedures are clients currently asking about?

The most common procedure clients are currently interested in is Micro Needling, otherwise known as Dermal Needling. This treatment is clinically proven to cause micro trauma at a cellular level, which will stimulate the body’s collagen and elastin, having a positive effect on scarring, stretch marks, open pores, lines and wrinkles.

What are the most common procedures that you are recommending to clients after analyzing their skin?

The most common treatment at the moment would be a combination of an advanced medical peel and micro needling, with a view to triggering skin health from within. Many clients would not be familiar with this concept yet, as they might only have been exposed to the leading OTC brands, which concentrate on superficial results.

What types of procedures and/or products produce the best/most results?

Without a shadow of a doubt it would have to be Vitamin A. In particular, retinol 1% cocktailed with glycolic acid is certain to increase the cellular turnover, aid pigmentation, normalise sebaceous activity, stimulate the dermis, potentiate the langerhan cells and create measurable differences within the DNA of the keratinocyte and melanocyte walls. It seems to be an in gredient on which the majority of successful cosmeceutical and paramedical brands agree!

Where do you see the industry going in the next five years? Are there any particular trends that you foresee taking off?

Treatments involving threads, PDO and cogs may be well known by the elite medical practitioners lately; however, these are hidden secrets from the typical end user. I foresee the market truly exploding with this face lift concept, and I would encourage other practitioners to assist the muscle as well as the skin health, elasticity and tone in their treatments.

I also truly believe that there will be an increase in LED therapy, a non-invasive yet clinically proven modality to generate skin health and collagen, assist bacteria and general rejuvenation. Not all clients want downtime and peeling after a treatment, so I believe the non-invasive quality of LED will make it a popular choice.

What was your technology/product highlight of the last year?

Meso needling has become a popular hybrid between needling and peels. With minimal downtime and immediate results it bridges the gap between the really serious and the non-result based realm. It allows me to treat clients with a quality results-driven therapy right before a big event.

Jennifer Rock is an award-winning beauty therapist, multi-award-winning facialist, and award-winning trainer. She has lectured throughout the UK, the USA, Ireland and Mainland Europe, alongside many surgeons, dentists and experts in their own respective fields. In her current role, her goal is to educate the end user in how to treat the skin as an organ, respectively and effectively through various social media channels.

Jennifer has a true passion for skin health, and believes in a three-step process to optimise the wellbeing and health of the skin: nutrition, topical aspects and multi-modality treatments to optimise skin health. She is determined to teach as many people as possible how to gain skin health through innovative and effective treatments that need not cost the earth but will deliver visible and lasting results as they target your individual skin concerns.

Jennifer Rock | Founder
Instagram: TheSkinNerdIre
Snapchat: @theskinnerd


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